Mallee District Aboriginal Service is excited to invite you or your organisation to be involved in MDAS Cultural Awareness Training.

Our one-day Cultural Safety and Cultural Respect Facilitated Learning program has been developed for Mallee community members and Mallee organisations. 

The program is especially relevant for local business and non-government enterprises. It is core training for anyone providing services to, or working with, Aboriginal People and would suit Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal Workers or Managers who work with or provide direct service to Aboriginal clients.

The learning program is facilitated by the Cultural Strengthening Group which is a diverse group including Uncle Willy Hannah, Uncle Peter Peterson, Uncle Ivan Johnson and Nathan Yates.

It focuses on both cultural awareness and cultural safety and is just one component of the overall vision and purpose of the MDAS Cultural Safety and Cultural Respect Facilitated Learning. 

Our vision is beyond education - our larger vision is that education is a vehicle for change and understanding.
Our program creates an environment that is safe for all participants to develop shared respect, meaning and knowledge to experience truly listening, learning, living and working together with dignity.

The MDAS Cultural Safety and Cultural Respect Facilitated Learning takes place at a MDAS location for one period of the learning program, and the second period is a Cultural tour in the Mallee region.

The CSG collectively possesses significant experience, skills and attributes in Cultural awareness competence. Members of the CSG work closely together to ensure the program offers the unique and enlightened experience.

Please contact Community Engagement Facilitator at MDAS for further information.
MALLEE DISTRICT ABORIGINAL SERVICES  “Our Vision: Generations of vibrant, healthy and strong Aboriginal communities”

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