Our Vision: Generations of vibrant, healthy and strong Aboriginal communities

Our Aspirations

These are the types of changes we will see in our communities as we make good progress towards our Vision:
Healthy, vibrant families and communities who are connected through shared culture and a respect for difference
• A reconciled relationship with the past has enabled our community to heal and grow
• Family gatherings involving traditional practices that facilitate cultural healing
• Our community has many places to gather, celebrate and share our culture
• Our region is a centre for culture and cultural history
• Mothers, fathers and Elders are back teaching and nurturing our children how to be strong, proud and self-reliant
• Men are taking up their rightful place in Aboriginal society as protectors of families and strong role models
• Workplaces and homes are culturally safe with domestic violence and drugs a thing of the past
Our future is in our own hands
• Our people are inspired, empowered and self-reliant from conception to the dream time
• MDAS is an employer of choice for the local community and our people, both young and old, have real choices for where they work
• A growth in sustainable commercial enterprises has created economic independence
• We recognise and honour the achievements of our warriors
• Our kids receive the best education and have choices on their educational and career paths
MDAS provides a one-stop-shop to meet everyone’s needs from conception to dream time
• MDAS has played a key role in closing the gap and is positively changing lives
• Every household across the Mallee has a MDAS connection
• MDAS is approached by many organisations due to its strong economic clout, a diverse investment portfolio and established proven track record in good governance principles
• Housing caters for the

Our Code of Ethics

People working with and for Mallee District Aboriginal Services are expected to follow the MDAS Code of Ethics, which demonstrates the following behaviours:
Integrity is about the meaning or intent behind your actions.
  • Act honestly when performing your duties.
  • Serve the community impartially and professionally in accordance with the direction of the corporation.
  • Declare and appropriately manage interests that may conflict with the way you carry out your duties. This includes outside employment and remunerative work.
  • Prevent nepotism and patronage.
  • Do not accept gifts, benefits or favours that may influence or be reasonably seen to influence your decision making.
  • Undertake all selection processes on merit.
  • Conduct yourself in public in a manner that will not reflect adversely on MDAS, its Board or employees.
Respect is about how you treat other people. You must show consideration for other people in your service delivery, advice and decision making
  • Treat the community, Elders, the Board and MDAS employees with respect and courtesy, having regard for the dignity of the people with whom you interact.
  • Recognise the importance of people through training and development.
  • Promote equity.
  • Prevent unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment in or outside of the workplace.
  • Take reasonable care to ensure your own health and safety at work and avoid adversely affecting the health and safety of others.
  • Promote and model healthy choices and MDAS health promotion initiatives.
  • Utilise and manage resources (including people, information and authority) in an efficient, responsible and accountable manner.
  • Ensure decisions have regard for the well-being of people and the environment, both now and for the future.
  • Ensure all decisions are transparent and in keeping with confidentiality requirements.
  • Observe all legislative requirements, policies, procedures, and lawful reasonable instructions, from people with authority to give instructions.
  • Monitor your own work and that of others that you supervise in order to maximise efficiency and achieve performance outcomes.
  • Take ownership and be accountable for reporting inappropriate conduct to the appropriate authority.
MALLEE DISTRICT ABORIGINAL SERVICES  “Our Vision: Generations of vibrant, healthy and strong Aboriginal communities”

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MDAS - Quality Innovation Performance Accredited