Mallee District Aboriginal Services is a company limited by guarantee.

The business of Mallee District Aboriginal Services Limited is managed by a board of directors.

The principal activity of the company is to promote Aboriginal health, wellbeing, culture and economic prosperity through delivery of health, family and community services to clients in Mildura, Swan Hill, Kerang and Robinvale.

Services are targeted to address areas of need created through social disadvantage, drug and alcohol misuse, sickness, disability, family violence, youth suicide, homelessness, teen pregnancy, low levels of childhood wellbeing, unemployment, disengagement with the education system and high levels of involvement with the criminal justice system.

The MDAS Constitution can be found here.

Further information about our activities can be found in our annual reports.

Our MDAS Board
Thelma Chilly (Chair) (Robinvale) 
Thelma Chilly (pictured above) is a proud Aboriginal woman who has ties to the Wiradjuri, Muthi Muthi, Wemba Wemba and Yorta Yorta nations. Born in Robinvale, Thelma has worked with Aboriginal communities in the Mallee for more than 33 years and is a strong advocate for our Koori Community. Thelma was placed on the 2010 Women’s Honour Roll and was a finalist in the Dreamtime Awards in 2018.  Thelma has a strong knowledge/ background in family violence prevention and has now worked for State Government for almost 14 years. Thelma is qualified in Community Development and Planning from Swinburne University and is currently responsible for the Local Aboriginal Networks in the Mallee.  Thelma remains passionate about her communities.

Vicki Clark OAM (Swan Hill)
As a professional Aboriginal woman, I believe in self-determination that empowers Aboriginal organisations and communities to strive for a fair and just service into homes for all families. My professional appointments throughout my career have been diverse and required a high degree of responsibility and the consideration of many complex needs from a community perspective.
Rita Simmons (Mildura)

Jacinta Chaplin (Swan Hill)

Sharon Johnson (Mildura) 
Sharon is a proud Senior Aboriginal Health Practitioner (AHW/AHP) of 26 years and is registered with AHPRA.  Sharon grew up in Melton, Victoria until the age of 15 when her parents moved back to Charleville, Queensland. She lived and worked in the Northern Territory for the 20 years before moving to Mildura with her family in 2019. Sharon works across many fields but is also on the Mildura Council Aboriginal Action Committee (AAC), the Mallee Regional Partnership Group, and is the first Aboriginal person to be appointed by the Health Minster on to the Mildura Base Public Hospital Board.

Marcus Horwood (Mildura) 

Mark Morgan (Mildura) 


MALLEE DISTRICT ABORIGINAL SERVICES  “Our Vision: "Self-determined, healthy, robust and culturally strong Aboriginal communities across the Mallee region."

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MDAS - Quality Innovation Performance Accredited