Mental Health

MDAS clients have access to referrals to psychologist and psychiatrist services.

Psychological counseling is available for people aged from 16 years and for children by referral in Mildura, Swan Hill and Kerang.

Psychologist services are available by external referral.

A psychiatrist is available to clients of the Mildura Social and Emotional Well-being Hub via Skype. A Mental Health Care Plan is required to be in place.

In addition to individual counseling sessions, counseling is available for couples and family groups who are:

  • Experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress
  • Having trouble coping with life challenges
  • Wanting to improve their overall emotional well-being
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Need someone to talk to who isn't family

Fees and Medicare:

  • There is no charge for an initial consultation.
  • In order to receive the Medicare rebate, you will need to visit your GP first. This can be done through our MDAS Medical Clinic.
  • Once your GP has developed a Mental Health Care Plan with you, you are eligible for referral to psychological and psychiatric services.
  • Clients who are not eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan can still use the service by making an appointment with one of our Health Service Receptionists.

Mental Health Demonstration Project:

A Mental Health Demonstration Project has been established in Mildura, with the aim of building a more integrated approach to mental health care for Aboriginal people.

The Mental Health Demonstration Project lead agency is MDAS, which has an established partnership with the Mildura Base Hospital Mental Health Services.

The Project is designed to improve the mental health treatment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people with moderate to severe mental illness and mental health disorders.

The program aims to provide Mental Health Services (MHS) in a culturally safe environment, increasing uptake by people who may not have previously been comfortable accessing mainstream MHS.

The focus is on those in the client group who have had an encounter with the criminal justice system.

A recovery-focused, problem solving and strength-based approach will be implemented to assist the client in identifying goals and areas of their life that they would like to develop and work towards in their social and emotional recovery journey.

Contact the team at the MDAS Social and Emotional Well-being Hub in Mildura, or download a referral form below.